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Hair Removal Hunt-Since When Does One Size Fit All?

So, you're on the hunt for hair removal and looking to find the perfect fit? Confused? Overwhelmed? Scared? Embarrassed? Curious? Giddy? I want to stress the importance of finding the perfect fit for YOU and trusting the resources that you encounter when exploring the many choices that are readily available. You have a limitless line-up of options when deciding what is right for you, and only you. (Shaving, Laser, Electrolysis, Trimmers, Depilatory, Epilators, Waxing, Sugaring, Threading, or even Au Natural - so many options, so little time!) Don’t allow anyone to scare, bully, shame, or pressure you into deciding that their way is the only way. Hair removal is a very personal choice (and realistically) it IS NOT a “one size fits all.”

I’m not going to break down the Pros and Cons of each technique, but rather explain to you that no one option is necessarily a bad option. I have my personal thoughts on many techniques (the good and the not so good), but (as of late) I have decided that it’s not part of my mission, nor vision, to promote myself or business by directly or indirectly making comments or allegations that could result in harming another’s business, character, or reputation.

Recently, waxing practices, specifically in the area of safety, have been emphasized in a blanket statement posted by someone. Wax Me Happy was NOT directly called out (by name), however, a seed was planted to sway the reader(s) into making a specific choice against waxing as a whole. (Queue the deeeeeeeeep, cleansing breath.) I’m going to back up a teeny-tiny bit and give you a little history of where I’m going with all of this.

Social Media has become such an amazing avenue for absolutely everything. You can find out anything (and then some) by a click of a button. #mindblown. However, we need to take heed and understand the implications when responsibly posting or surfing. (Surely if you you read it on the internet, it’s true? NOT!)

Within the same time-frame (of the anti-waxing post), it just so happens that I’m reading a phenomenal book, that was recommended to me by an amazing lady, client, and soon to be business owner/yogi. (cough, cough-Kim F!) The book “The Four Agreements” is a golden nugget of wisdom that has really helped shift my mindset, especially where my business is concerned. The first agreement discusses the importance of being “impeccable with your word.” I strive to be exactly that, but never realized how much more there is to being impeccable with MY WORDS.

My business (I would like to think) is a well-oiled machine. I’m timely. I show up. I make myself available. I follow thru and I follow the rules. Essentially, I feel like my clients, family, and friends can count on me and know that my word is good. BUT, there’s even MORE to being impeccable with your words. The author stresses that the words we choose are seeds. Seeds are planted and thoughts, concepts, ideas and OPINIONS grow. The outcome? Words are powerful. Regardless of those seeds being cast, whether, on a personal or professional level, they have the ability to either be positive or destructive.

When promoting my business, I try to stress all of the good and positive things about waxing. Add to that, a funny meme and my weird sense of humor and you have the authentic me. What I won’t do (to stay relevant), is compare myself, my business, or my opinions to anyone else, let alone their business, their opinions or their practices. Additionally, I’ve never had the business mindset of “destroying my competition,” “knocking them off their pedestal,” or work towards maneuvering clients/customers/consumers with manipulative or misleading practices all whilst talking someone else into the ground. Maybe you're dealing with the same issue(s), but in a different profession or area in your life? Not a great feeling at all when you are on the receiving end of someones “yuck.”

The direction you choose with your hair removal needs, is your choice and your choice only (as with anything). If you want to keep shaving, great! Please just make sure you put your husbands razor back where it belongs-(they seriously have the best razors!) You want to give laser a whirl? Put your goggles on and get on with yo’ bad self! Sugaring? Let me know, I have a great friend who will sugar your wooly woes away! Waxing? Give me a shout and I’ll get you penciled in ASAP! Occasionally, I am contacted for services outside my scope of practice. When that happens, I am always happy to refer the client to someone that I know and trust. Frankly, I know that they would do, and have done, the same for me. Same can be said for hair, massages, facials, botox, fillers, dermaplaning, lash extensions, mani’s, pedi’s, spray tans, reflexology, chiropractic, buying/selling homes, great boutiques to frequent, not to mention a great place to stop and get a bite to eat-my list goes on and on! I’m extremely fortunate to have friends and colleagues, nearby, that I can “share the love” with. Networking is powerful stuff people!

I am quiet in my approach to staying relevant in the hair removal industry and basically depend on word of mouth to fuel my business. My content (just like this blog) is completely original. (All over the board, I know), nevertheless, they are MY WORDS and MY THOUGHTS. Wax Me Happy was built from the ground up. Client by Client. Brazilian by Brazilian.

“I was once afraid of people saying ‘Who does she think she is?’

Now I have the courage to stand and say, ‘This is who I am.’”

-Oprah Winfrey

I can’t and I won’t speak for anyone else in the WAXING industry. However, I can tell you the following about Wax Me Happy:

When narrowing down your search (if you are a newbie and are thinking about giving waxing a whirl), you may use online reviews as your deciding factor. Please take note; I’m not big on allowing others to rate and/or review my performance online as I’ve seen with too many other businesses, the game of sabotage. Sometimes reviews and ratings may be truthful, which is fantastic and extremely helpful in driving more interest to a business. Other times, the comments can be untrue, biased or down right destructive.

  • Wax Me Happy only offers waxing services, specializing in The Brazilian.

  • I follow only the strictest rules of SANITATION AND HYGIENE.(Which means I have a NO DOUBLE DIPPING POLICY!I do not recycle any wax or waxing products, and all my tools are sanitized/disinfected between each and every client).

  • Wax is ALWAYS set at a specific and regulated temperature to insure that it’s not too hot or too cool during application.

  • Wax Me Happy is by appointment only.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality are of the utmost importance.​​

In closing, If you intend to use, have used, or are currently using Wax Me Happy as your “go to” I humbly thank you for not only your business, but also your trust in my ability to provide you a private, safe, sanitary, and timely service. It has taken me years to build the business that I have, and without my clientele, there would not be a Wax Me Happy.

Let’s keep Oklahoma Smooth!

Heather Hayes-Proud Owner of Wax Me Happy

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