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So, you've decided to get a Brazilian?

I’ve decided to keep it simple and start my very first blog with what is near and dear to my heart. Blogging about waxing, more specifically Brazilian Waxing has been on my mind for some time now. However, I’ve struggled with how to get started. Another blogger once wrote that the most important thing you can do, when writing a blog, is to simply “Get out of your own way,” and “Write it exactly as you would say it.” Sounds easy enough, right? With that being said, I’m just going to pretend I’m in my wax room, giving you the WAXING 101 lowdown (pun intended) as if you were lying on my table and about to have your life changed forever! So, if my blog happens to be grammatically incorrect, full of fragments and poor sentence structure, my apologies. I am not an English professor nor a New York Times Bestselling Author, but simply a waxer doing her best to share the love and get the word out!

First and foremost, for those that aren’t wax savvy and don’t know what a Brazilian is, well, you may want to sit down. The Wax Me Happy Brazilian is the removal of all your hair from belly button to tail bone and everything in between...Blink Blink…I know. I’m sure that left some of you gasping in horror, and a few of you blurted out profanities #%! But I know for a fact there are several of you furiously trying to find my phone number to book an appointment! Am I right?

Why wax? The better question is WHY WOULDN’T YOU!? I often tell people, once you take that first step into the world of waxing, you’ll be hooked and it WILL change your life! A few perks of Brazilian or Bikini waxing:

1) 40%-60% LESS growth, just after the first wax.

2) No Razor Burn. There is none! Skip the red, inflamed rash around your panty or swimsuit line. Red + Bumpy = NO BUENO!

3) 5 o’clock shadow-Again, there isn’t any! 60 grit sandpaper in your knickers? I think not!

4) Itching – NADA. No more trying to inconspicuously scratch that itch.

Face it, we’ve all been there!

Still skeptical? Are you scared it’s going to hurt? Or are you totally freaked out that I’ll see your lady bits? You had a friend tell you it was the most painful thing they have ever gone through in their life? Or you have a friend who has a friend, who has a friend (you know where this is going) that lost skin, lost a lip, bled, possibly even lost her Chihuahua during a bad waxing appointment. Here is my response… It’s true, the first time isn’t a walk in the park, but, the fact that it grows back so much less (just after the first wax), is what makes it so much easier at each of your follow up waxes. I pride myself on a VERY fast Brazilian (20 minutes or less), so that also helps with the “discomfort card.” Although awkward, the first time, I promise you’ll quickly forget that you’re baring all. At this point in my career, I’ve performed thousands of Brazilians, and believe me when I say this; I may as well be waxing elbows. There’s absolutely no judging because “elbows” come in all shapes, sizes and colors and I’ve seen them all (really, I have)… gingers, brunettes, blondes, silver foxes, whippersnappers, baby boomers, piercings, tattoos, buns in the ovens, and personalities. My goal is to make you stubble free and gorgeous!

I’ve also had people say “I couldn’t have you wax me down there, what if I bumped into you in town?” My response?

What happens in the wax room, stays in the wax room PERIOD!

If we happen to cross paths somewhere, I’m not talkin’ ‘bout it, unless you bring it up. So don’t worry- EVERYTHING about my business is discreet, especially my clients. As for the friend who tries desperately to talk you out of getting waxed because of their previous experience or they know someone who had a “waxing trauma,” well, I can narrow that down to a few things.

1) Someone didn’t do their homework when searching for a GOOD WAXER


3) BAD WAXER using really BAD PRODUCT.

4) Friend bought their own wax at a local beauty store and didn’t realize, until it was too late, that not only did they not know how to properly apply wax, but also, they were not prepared to rip hair from their own body. Hence the story we’ve all seen floating around the internet about the lady who ended up stuck to the bottom of her bathtub because she thought she could “DIY” her own lady bits.

5) Story about the lost appendage, Chihuahua, blah, blah, blah was completely embellished. I don’t discount that bad things could have happened to others. Just don’t let their bad experience dictate what could seriously change your life for the better!


Perhaps I’ve calmed your Brazilian Anxiety at this point? If not, it’s okay. My plan is to blog on specific topics weekly. If something isn’t covered this week, well, check back, and possibly your question may be answered next time around? Or for those, who need to know NOW, send me a text or email! With as many Brazilians, that I have performed at this point, there isn’t a question out there, that I haven’t been asked. (S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y, trust me when I say this!)

I was put on this earth to wax. I don’t do hair, nails, facials, massage, etc., etc., etc. Plain and simple;


My goal is to provide you a phenomenal wax, in minimal time, at a reasonable price. Add a little humor and great conversation, during your appointment, and I promise you’ll leave saying

“That’s it? You’re already done? It really wasn’t that bad!”

Let’s keep Oklahoma Smooth!

Heather Hayes-Owner of Wax Me Happy

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