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WaxMe Happy!



Specializing in The Brazilian!

From Brows to Brazilians and everything in between. Wax Me Happy is your Premier ALL-WAXING Studio offering a menagerie of waxing services. 


Wax Me Happy provides a variety of services for weeks of smooth skin and can easily remove your unwanted hair.


Our mission is to offer you a phenomenal wax experience, at a reasonable price, in a comfortable, sanitary, and private enviroment (private room with the door closed).


Rest easy! Brazilians are not awkward. Brazilians are our most requested and popular service. Take a breath and jump in with both feet. Wax Me Happy's promise to you...

Heard it all,

Seen it all,

Waxed it all...

and absolutely LOVE IT!

First Timer?

Don't worry about being naked. It's just another day at Wax Me Happy and you don't have ANYTHING that hasn't already been seen. Beauty comes in every shape, size, and color. Being freshly waxed and feeling clean and sexy is Wax Me Happy's top priority!


All waxing charges are determined by service/location and NOT by amount of hair. Please go to the Location tab to find information on contacting Heather, Cynthia, or Liz for pricing information. 

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