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WaxMe Happy!

Waxing Etiquette



Please call or text to schedule your appointment. We do recommend that you schedule your appointment early enough to receive your preferred time and date. A deposit will be required for all new Wax Me Happy clients. Please click the pink button below to direct you to the deposit page.

Scheduling Policies

Wax Me Happy requires at least 24 hours notice for cancelling. This is asked so that your time slot may be opened up to another waxing client. 

Mother Nature Strikes Again!

Did Aunt Flo knock on your door? No worries! Periods happen...seriously! As long as you wear a tampon, we are good to go, so quit your stressing!

Arriving with a friend?

Two's Company, Three's A Crowd!

To provide optimal services, only the client receiving waxing services will be allowed in the treatment room. 

Any visitors accompanying the client are welcome to sit in the waiting area.

The only exception is the parent/guardian of a minor being waxed.

Feeling Under-the-Weather?

Should you feel remotely ill, we kindly request that you reschedule your waxing appointment. This also includes those with sick children. Please do not bring your sick child to your appointment!

This will help keep everyone safe and healthy during the holidays and winter months. 

Bad Weather!

Thunderstorms, Tornados, Hail, Snow, Ice, OH MY! If bad weather comes knocking,

and you aren't comfortable driving, please contact us to reschedule. We want you safe!

Often times, we will contact you to give you a heads up on the weather, along with options to reschedule to earlier or later in the week.


Kindly arrive ON TIME for your appointment. If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, for your scheduled appointment, please call or text ahead to make sure this will not interfere with any clients arriving after you. If so, you will need to rebook so we can stay on schedule and not run other clients behind.

We respect your time, so please respect ours!

Please Have Consideration

 Don't Be Rude!

Clients who decide to "No Show," after confirming their appointment, will not be allowed to rebook until initial appointment has been paid for IN FULL. Please see the pink button below to take care of your missed appointment. 

Your scheduled appointment is booked for YOU and FOR YOU ONLY! Wax Me Happy cannot fill a "No Show", so please have consideration and reschedule OR cancel your appointment rather than not showing up. 

Mom's with Children

If you are planning to bring children to your wax, please check (ahead of time) with the location where you booked.

Where one location may be able to accommodate children (AS LONG AS THEY ARE ABLE TO SIT QUIETLY AND BEHAVE), another location may not offer the same option.

Tishomingo Location

Children are not allowed inside Spa 211.

Davis Location

Children are welcome as long as they are being supervised, by an adult, AT ALL TIMES.

Children are no longer allowed to sit in the waiting area alone, or play outside unsupervised.

No Exceptions!

Special Event or Beachy Vacay?

Wax Me Happy strongly recommends at least 2 waxes (for first time waxers) before any special event such as a wedding, beachy vacay, anniversary surprise, etc.  (which is typically once a month for 2 consecutive months).

The two wax appointments will give Heather, Cynthia, or Liz the opportunity to see how your skin reacts. The last thing we want is for our newbie client to have "Angry Bits" when celebrating their special event.

Same goes for summer holidays too!

We fill up fast so please be sure to book, IN ADVANCE, to guarantee your desired date and time.

Questions or Concerns...Don't be shy!

Your questions and concerns are EXTREMELY important to Wax Me Happy, and we value your input.

If for any reason you're unhappy with your waxing experience, Wax Me Happy needs to know ASAP! ((timeliness, non-reply to calls/texts, last minute cancellations, etc.)) 

Getting your feedback (Good, Bad or Ugly) will allow us the opportunity to make things right as we continue striving to make your waxing experience phenomenal and SMOOTH !

To leave feedback for any of the Wax Me Happy locations,

please text/email Heather Hayes at 903-821-5043 or


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