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Brazilian Wax Therapy?

My life as an Oklahoma Waxer rarely has a dull moment. Besides waxing, it seems every waxing session has a different theme, or a “whirlwind of topics” if you will. Of course there are the obvious comments or questions on how they can’t believe how little hair grew back since their last wax, or they may have had an ingrown pop up and how to remedy that. BUT, there are the conversations that most can’t even fathom. Buckle up readers, the topics are endless, but keep in mind “What happens in the wax room, stays in the wax room” and I don’t deviate from that.

However, I’m sometimes amazed at the variety and wide range of topics. Just a few that come to mind (deep breath now!); relationships, loss of loved ones, health concerns, PINTEREST, kids, gardening, exercise, diets, remodels, work, sex, dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats, hogs, maybe an occasional ferret, horrible bosses, sketchy employees, new business opportunities, OILS, unshaven legs, unpolished toes, smelly feet, school, grades, crazy mamas, demanding dads, engagements, impending nuptials, showers, bachelorette parties, the BIG D-Divorce, wanting a baby, trying for a baby, pregnancy, labor room fears, sleepless nights due to baby, boob jobs, boob reductions, tummy tucks, crazy clients, nasty neighbors, upheaval in the community, crime, mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, Jerry Springer like behavior between family and friends, relocating, vacations, top movies, books, celebrities, music, good friends, frenemies, loss of friendship, bouncing business ideas around, marketing, social media, FOOD (near and dear to my heart) most specifically “What’s for dinner tonight?”

Hot buttons, at the moment, are politics, oil/gas, flu (forgive me for grabbing my hand sanitizer), TATTOOS, Fifty Shades of Gray, Affordable Healthcare Act and the biggie “WHEN IS SPRING COMING?” (Gasping! Now, let me catch my breath.)

No two waxees are created equal, (remember the “elbow” in my first blog?) so I never know what each appointment will bring to the wax room, let alone the topic of discussion. I often hear from clients, that not only do they look forward to “wax day” and receive a much needed wax, but a therapy session too. Little do they know that as I finish each session, rebook their appointment and send them on their way (WAXED HAPPY of course), that my clients leave me with a huge sense of accomplishment too. Not only did they walk out the door feeling silky smooth and confident, but knowing they trust me to wax them and feel safe sharing their life with me, well, all I can say is WOWZA!

As I give advice to you, you also give back to me in so many ways-tenfold! I recently had a client ask me “Is it weird that I look forward to wax day?” To which I responded, “I love that! You just made my day!” I am beyond thankful and so appreciative of each individual client that I have. Each of you allow me into your life and, in doing so, we are able share laughs, tears, fears, ideas, inspiration, simply put… LIFE.

Repeatedly, I get the question “What in the world made you want to do Brazilian Waxing?” The answer: I’m passionate about the business that I have built, I love, love, LOVE to wax and most importantly, MY CLIENTS.

Let’s keep Oklahoma Smooth!

Heather Hayes-Owner of Wax Me Happy

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