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6 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Getting My Last Brazilian Wax

I have a tornado of topics spinning around my brain at the moment, but without blowing your minds, I’m going to settle on just one today. As of late I’ve had a few people mention friends who “once upon a time” gave waxing a whack only to be gravely disappointed, embarrassed, puzzled and (gulp) some even injured. These friends do whatever they can to dissuade anyone interested in waxing.

Why? Because they had a bad experience.

And why did they have a bad experience, you may ask?


And, YES, I had that in ALL CAPS, because I want to scream that from the roof tops! So with that said, DO NOT base your decision to wax (or not to wax) on someone else’s bad choice.

Before you decide to drop your pantaloons, climb up on a waxing table, get into the Brazilian Position (my clients know this position well) and allow someone to slather warm wax all over your nether regions, there are a handful of VERY IMPORTANT things to consider:

1.Thorough Research, when selecting the perfect waxer, is key. Please don't take shortcuts! I promise you, with the proper groundwork, your lady-bits will thank you.

2. Bargain Hunters Beware! This is not the service I would be trying to save my pennies on or trying to use a coupon for that matter. The old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” What the saying doesn’t tell you is, if you decide to go cheap, you could wind up with more problems than you initially bargained for. This is your prized possession, NOT a “buy one get one” sale on a bag of chips. Enough Said!

3. Convenience? I’ve seen firsthand, potential clients decide to go somewhere else because of a few different reasons. One being that the new client decides on a whim that they want to get waxed. They contact a reputable waxer and are adamant about getting waxed THAT DAY! Guess what, that typically doesn’t work. Why? Because waxing isn’t something you can do on a whim. There is specific protocol when preparing your lady bits to get waxed CORRECTLY! So when a responsible, professional, waxer tells you, that they are not able to get you in ‘immediately’ due to either, not enough growth or the fact that they may be booked solid…listen to them and realize that your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on their end. Don’t think for a minute that we are being hard to get along with, pushing our weight around or perhaps want to put our feet up and read a good book. On the contrary! We want to give you the best wax possible. We want you to leave feeling confident, silky smooth, SAFE, and happy with your service. Take the extra time and follow protocol and please book in advance. Your patience could save you a heap of disappointment! Another reason, of convenience, is often LOCATION. Don’t let a few miles, or 10, 20 or even 50, get in the way of receiving a great Brazilian, WITH a trusted and safe professional. Primp your peach with someone that you know has your best interest at heart. Trust, safety, loyalty, cleanliness and professionalism should be instrumental in your search, NOT time, NOT miles.

4. Wolves in Sheep Clothing? Please, please, please (did I mention please) be sure that the person you’ve made a waxing appointment with, is actually a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL! Don’t just take their word for it either!! Any licensed professional is required BY LAW to post their license on the wall for all clients to view. There are a lot of people in the world of waxing that are not licensed, let alone trained correctly. Do not make the mistake of letting just anyone perform that service on you. You are not out of line by asking questions such as: are you licensed, do you perform many Brazilian waxes, etc. The last question being massively important because licensing DOES NOT guarantee knowledge with waxing. Many will think that just because they went to school, passed their state boards and were granted a license equates that they are more than capable of doing any service at their leisure. This, to me, is absolutely horrifying, not to mention, a slap in the face to those of us who are indeed LICENSED, EDUCATED, dedicated, thorough, passionate and follow every little waxing detail down to the last letter! Which takes me to my next point…

5. Jack Of All Trades, Master of None. This speaks volumes. This can get a little muddy and could possibly ruffle some feathers. Nevertheless, a professional waxer should educate you on the benefits of waxing, pre and post, and should always be available for you to contact if any concerns or questions should arise. You should leave your appointment knowing that you just received a phenomenal wax and are well versed in how to care for your Beautiful Brazilian! Many salons and spas offer waxing services (along with a long menu of other services), BUT, you should look for someone who SPECIALIZES! For the waxing professional, this isn’t a hobby and this definitely is NOT a ploy for us to prey on people hoping to make a little extra cash on the side. This is our business and being successful does not happen overnight. We are devoted waxing professionals who are loyal to our clients.

6. Waxing 101. Again, being informed and educated when it comes to waxing is key. Your Waxologist/Waxer/Waxanista should be able to simply tell you what to expect, what to avoid, what to watch for, etc. If they can’t simply explain it or can’t explain it at all, don’t take this lightly. Perhaps you need to rethink who you’ve scheduled your wax with.

For the love of Pete! Don’t allow just anyone to wax your bits. Be prudent in your search and make no apologies for expecting the best.

DON’T take shortcuts, don’t look for a deal, don’t be impatient!

DO ask questions, do your homework, do expect the best!

Let’s keep Oklahoma Smooth!

Heather Hayes-Owner of Wax Me Happy

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